Workshops for 2012

Couple Communication for love and Intimacy

Have you lost love and intimacy in your marriage?
Do you feel you have lost the goodwill, intimacy and connectedness?
Are you in conflict over many matters and can’t stop the arguments?
Do you feel less lovable and less worthy in your relationship?
Do you crave just to be heard and understood?
Do you feel your thoughts, emotions and ideas are minimised?

You can help your relationship and hold onto the hope

Session 1

Types of Communication – Non-assertive, aggressive, assertive and the impact on couple relating. Assertive Communication – why, what, how and the benefits for the couple. Dealing with the Issues – identifying what the issues in your relationship are?

Session 2

Developing self awareness toward our couple issues – feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Effective Communication about the issues to our partner – how to help our partner hear us. Effective Listening – How to effectively hear our partners.

Workshops are run as a series of two ‐ 2.5 hour sessions undertaken on midweek evenings from 7.00 pm – 9.30 pm.

Online Booking with Secure Payment

Single Entry (for both sessions) $40
Couple (for both sessions) $70

Venue: Cronulla Central,
38-60 Croydon Street
Cronulla, NSW

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Manual Booking

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