Parenting Teens Counselling

If you are a parent of teens and you are having problems with your teens you are not alone. This is a tough time to help your child navigate the stormy waters of their lives. Parenting teen counselling is there to offer you hope, to normalise your experience, to help you reflect on your parenting styles. It may help you to find out your style and if it is different from your partners, this may be causing marriage conflict.

This will give insights into how to communicate effectively with your teen, how to build resilience into your teens life and how to hone your skills as a parent. Boundaries are a big part of parenting and are essential in the teen years because your teen does not have an adult brain. Their thinking isn't always logical, well planned and risk management is impaired. Boundaries setting, why, how and when are covered in parenting teen counselling.

You are the expert in your child's life and you can be very confident as a parent. You are still the greatest influence in your child's life regardless of their age or stage.